Types Of Camera Lenses

NickyMcleanIn the world of photography, choosing the right camera is very important. By using the right camera when taking photos, you are rest assured that you can take wonderful and lively photos. However, it is also important for individuals to opt for the right camera lens in order to take better and clearer shots. To help you know more about camera lenses, listed below are some of the most popular camera lenses seasoned photographers use.

Standard or normal lenses

This type of lens has a focal length of 35 up to 70 mm. And, the most common focal length is 50mm. This type of lens is commonly used for documentary and street photography since it can quickly capture photos.

Wide angle lenses

Wide angle lenses are commonly used to capture landscapes and architectural structures. This lens has a wide angle of 21 up to 35mm. On the other hand, Wide-angle lenses for crop frame DSLRs range from 10 up to 24mm.

Telephoto lenses

There are two types of telephoto lenses, the Medium Telephoto and Telephoto. Medium Telephoto also known as portrait lens has a focal range between 80 up to 135mm, which is ideal for head and shoulders shots. Telephoto on the other hand has a focal range of 135 up to 300mm which is ideal for taking sports and wildlife photographs.

Trivia Info Source From: www.nickymclean.com


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