Popular Animal Styles Used In Martial Arts

WaimaMartial arts date back to the ancient time where weapons are not a necessity. Therefore, most fighters rely on their skills and techniques to fight their opponents. Because of this, martial artists mimic animal styles in their techniques. Listed below are the popular animal styles used in martial arts.


Tiger symbolizes strength and agility. Thus, tiger techniques tend to charge the opponent using brute force with the use of circular arm movements to overwhelm the enemy. One of the most common attack using tiger techniques is the tiger claw.


Strong, efficient and accurate; these are some of the words that describe leopard style techniques. Leopard techniques are relatively fast and painful, and they are followed with a deadly blow. The most popular leopard attack is the leopard paw.


The crane style is evasive and rarely-offensive oriented. When using the crane style, the individual uses the distance and uses the length of the arms and legs to strike. The most common crane attack is the crane beak.


Deceptive and agile, the snake technique relies on awareness and employs coiling motions and uses whipping toe kicks. The snake hand is the most popular snake attack individuals use.


Strong and smart are the strong points of using the dragon technique. The technique uses quick and snapping kicks that hit with the blade of the foot. And also uses full fist and the forearms to strike. The most popular dragon attack is the dragon-tail kick.

Trivia info source from: Waima.com.au


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