Some Facts About Steel

Steel is actually considered as one of the most common metals in the world used for businesses. It is strong, durable and very affordable as compared to other metals. Hence, many business structures are made with steel such as ships, bridges and even automobile frames. Below are some other facts about steel:

– Steel expands when heated. Hence, the Eiffel Tower which is made of steel and iron measures six inch taller every summer.

– You can use steel to remove odor from your skin like the smell of garlic and onion.

– The production of inexpensive steel started in 1800’s when Henry Bessemer, an English man discovered the use of forced cold air in removing the impurities in a raw steel.

– Steel is hard to produce because it has a high melting point.

– Steel won’t rust if there is electrical current on it.

There are many uses of steel. Hence, many people really opt for this type of metal both for industrial and commercial use.

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