The Most Unique Pools In The World

Having your own pool at home is simply amazing as you do not need to go out and travel far just to enjoy a cool and relaxing dip in the water. However, you may also want to explore other unique swimming pools in the world. There are actually a number of them and below are some of the pools that are frequently visited by tourists for their uniqueness.

– San Alfonso del Mar Resort. This is in Chile. This pool bears the largest pool record in the world that is 1 km long. This is also the deepest pool so far.

– One&Only Reethi Rah. This is in Maldives. There is a mini pool within the big pool that is overlooking the beautiful sea of Maldives. And since Maldives has a warm weather all year round, this kind of swimming pool is just so perfect.

– The Sarojin. This pool is in Thailand. This becomes very popular with tourists mainly because of its unique design. It is an infinity pool with islands on the side complete with drapes for those who want to enjoy privacy and comfort.

– Mardan Palace. This is located in Turkey. The pool surrounds the hotel which gives the guests access to water anywhere inside the hotel.

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